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Understanding Waterproof Ratings in Tents


When it comes to assessing the waterproof properties of tents, the terminology and measurements that manufacturers use can seem somwhat difficult to understand. Let's demystify these terms so they're easier to comprehend. PU (Polyurethane) Coating: When a tent is...

The advantage of in-house tent poles


When it comes to choosing the poles for our tents, we take a unique approach by producing our own dedicated poles rather than using the well known DAC poles. So. Why would we do such a thing as DAC poles are renowned for their durability and performance. Instead, our choice...

Polycotton-Magic wand?


Even though cotton fabrics and tents are breathable, condensation can still occur, especially in damp and cold surroundings with little air movement. This is due to a combination of factors such as air circulation, temperature differences, and humidity: Air circulation:...

The undeniable relationship between temperature and humidity


It's fascinating to observe the undeniable relationship between temperature and humidity inside a tent. -6 degrees Celsius outside. 40 degrees Celsius inside the tent. . . From left. The difference between ouside and inside temperature. The temperature in the...

Silnylon Fabric Repair: Quick Guide


Silnylon fabric, while durable, may sometimes require repair due to tears, punctures or burnholes. Follow these steps to effectively mend damaged silnylon fabric on your tent: Materials Needed: Silnylon fabric (same type as your tent) Clear silicone glue...

Book of tents


Read our book of tents for the why, the what, and the how. Book of tents - PDF  

NORTENT - Our story


The story  behind Nortent goes over 30 years back in time when the founder was still young. Even back then he had a keen interest for nature and the outdoors, however other hobbies grabbed his attention just as much. At 19 years old he left home and joined the military...

Mind the gap!


Mind the gap! When setting up a tent, it is crucial to properly assemble the poles without any gaps between the joints. Gaps in the pole joints can significantly weaken the tent's structure and increase the risk of pole breakage during setup. Proper pole assembly is not...

The positioning of the stove-jack


First , the obvious. To prevent the pipe or stove from coming into contact with the tent fabric, it is of course vital to keep these as far away from the tent fabric as possible. Placing the stove and pipe near the tent wall that often flickers or moves is not a good idea....

Thread and seam


The quality of the fabric is important when choosing the right material and equally important are the seams that hold the fabric together. The optimal thread and sewing technique must be applied. We apply the flat fell-seam, a sewing technique that makes the seams very...

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