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NORTENT Stainless steel stove

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NORTENT stainless stove is perfect for those who want an efficient heat source in the "basecamp". With its solid 17 kilos (complete with all acceessories), the steel stove is heavy, but  provides incredible warmth and comfort in larger tents where it is ideal for heating and cooking. With its large surface and side shelves, it provides many and well-adapted solutions for heating, cooking and boiling water. Although the stove is relatively heavy, we have made it small and compact when packed down during transport where everything fits in a "small" handy bag. NORTENT stainless steel stove is designed with our own tents in mind. But it can easily be adapted to other tents that are stove-ready. The advantage of a steel stove compared to a titanium stove is that it is larger and warmer with better distribution of the actual heat in the tent. The disadvantage is that it is much heavier than our titanium stove which you can carry in the backpack.

The stove is designed with three windows. One at the front and two big windows along the entire sides. Watching the live flames adds to the atmosphere and leaves you with a nice, peaceful and warm feeling in the tent.

The stove comes with two side shelves. These are easily hooked on each side of the stove where they expand the possibilities and organization of cooking. The side shelves also work very well for secondary heating to keep the food and water warm. The stove has many possibilities to adjust the airflow and heat in such a way that it can adapt your requirement in most temperatures. It is easy to regulate the effect and combustion in the stove with the four valves for air intake.

The side shelves can also be used as handles to easily carry the stove around when not using the bag. Since the stove is relatively heavy with its 15 kilos (without chimney), the handles come in handy when moving or lifting the stove.

The chimney comes in eight joints/parts that can be easily adjusted in length adapted to your tent. The upper joint of the chimney is equipped with spark arrestor and top hat to reduce the supply of precipitation and the escape of sparks. Six joints/parts of the chimney can be packed into the stove itself during transport, to make it as compact as possible.

The stove is designed with a bottom plate to optimize the air flow. This provides an even flow of air under the wood. This gives a combustion throughout the entire length of the stove to ensure enough oxygen to the flame. To further optimize combustion and efficiency with a clean burn, the stove is equipped with a second combustion chamber. This means that you have a combustion in the main part of the stove where any exhaust that have not been fully burned gets a new chance to ignite in the second combustion chamber. This chamber also forces the heat to be distributed throughout the entire top of stove before entering the chimney.

The stove comes complete with two side shelves, bottom grid and 8 joints for the chimneys. The legs of the stove are collapsible while the grate and chimney can be packed into the stove. To take up as little space as possible during transport. If you have a larger tent that requires a longer chimney than the one that comes with the stove, you can easily extend the chimney by buying extra  joints for the chimney to get the length you need. The top of the chimney should be 70-100 cm above the tent fabric.

The stove comes complete with a handy bag for easy transport of the stove itself and its accessories. The size of the side pocket is adjustable in such a way that you may adapt it depending on your extra equipment and accessories.

  • Weight. 17 kg with 8 pcs of pipe, shelves and grate. (14 kg)
  • Size: Length: 43 cm, Width: 22 cm, Height: 24 cm
  • Metal: 304 Stainless steel. Body: 2mm, Top: 3 mm
  • Chimney. 8 pcs. with total length: 260 cm. Flexible length
  • Foldable legs
  • All packs into "small" bag