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NORTENT Vern 1 (new)

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NORTENT Vern 1 is an extremely durable and solid tent intended for 1 person. Optimal for the longer hikes in mountains and over isolate plains where you really need a reliable shelter against the elements. With its aerodynamic shape and many possibilities for anchoring the tent to the ground, this tent is a true friend which will keep you safe in the different elements. We believe you should not have to fight the elements but rather become one with and thrive in them. 

Vern 1 is designed to provide clean and correct lines that blend in with nature. We have placed great emphasis on the tent being able to be set up quickly and easily without obstacles. With a little practice you should be able to set up the tent in 2-3 minutes where you can then crawl into a warm and safe sleeping bag.

All exposed areas on the outer fabric are reinforced with Dyneema. Dyneema is considered the world's strongest fiber. It is therefore entirely appropriate that we use this fabric fiber in our tents.


The flysheet made of silnylon is of course waterproof. However, a dense tent presents a challenge, and that is air circulation. If the air is not circulated, you will experience condensation inside walls of the outer flysheet (not inside the inner tent). Ventilation is therefore absolutely essential to avoid this. Vern 1 is therefore equipped with 3 air valves. Two air valves at the bottom at each end of the tent, where fresh air can find its way in, and one above one the two entrances where moist air finds its way out.

Theair valve at the top also function as an extra overhang and protection against rain when you leave the entrance open. In addition you may also adjust all entrances to your needs.

Vern 1 has a relatively spacious awning to be a one-man tent where there is plenty of space for a backpack, shoes and other equipment. At the same time, the awning is well adapted for cooking and use of cooking equipment

At the awning you will find a spacious inner tent with plenty of space for one person where the inner tent easily accommodates a 190x60 cm sleeping pad in addition to gear and clothes.

For cold days you can seal the doors in the inner tent completely. For hot days you can open them, but still and at the same time, have mosquito net covering the entrances against insects.

We have equipped the inner tent with several opportunities for storage. For organising all the small equipment you bring on your trip that too often and mysteriously seem to vanish.

In calm days you can open the whole side of the tent to get "nature" into the tent. On wet and harsh days, you can leave the entrance partially closed, but still be sheltered from the weather and wind. On a good old rainy day, you may like to close the entrance completely. But still, there is of course the possibility to make dinner and food in the awning. Vern 1 is designed for flexible use where you are presented with many different options to let nature into the tent, but at the same time be protected from wind and rain.


The thick and very strong fabric sewn into the seams in realtions to the clips attached to the poles plays a crucial role in efficiently distributing the external forces across a larger area along the seam. When for example strong winds act on the tent, the thick reinforcement,  serves as a robust support structure.

As the wind exerts force on the tent fabric, the thick reinforcement helps disperse this force over a broader surface. This distribution of force prevents concentrated stress points and minimizes the risk of tearing or damage to the tent material. Essentially, the reinforcement acts as a buffer, absorbing and diffusing the energy generated by external forces

The large area coverage of the thick fabric along the seam is particularly significant. By extending the reinforcement along the seam, where the fabric panels are joined together, the forces are effectively spread across the entire length of the seam. This not only enhances the overall strength of the tent but also ensures that no single point along the seam bears an excessive load.

In essence, the thick reinforcement sewn into the seam functions as a strategic component, working in tandem with the thinner nylon fabric to create a resilient and wind-resistant structure. By distributing the pull and energy from the wind over a wide area along the seam, the tent becomes better equipped to withstand varying weather conditions, providing durability and reliability in challenging environments.

Oh, absolutely! Vern 1 is designed for double poling, a feature made possible by ditching traditional tent sleeves. Imagine yourself in the thick of challenging weather – relentless winds threatening to disrupt your shelter or sudden weather changes. Double poling becomes your secret weapon, providing unmatched stability and adaptability.

With the freedom to double up on poles and the elimination of restrictive sleeves, you gain a significant advantage in creating an ultra-secure shelter. It's not just about setting up a tent; it's about confidently navigating the unpredictable elements. Whether you're contending with fierce winds or embracing a surprise snowfall, double poling offers a practical solution that takes your adventures to the next level in terms of adapting to the elements.


  • 4 seasons
  • Capacity: 1,5 person
  • Flysheet: Ripstop silnylon 30D, HH 3000mm (1650 g with inner)
  • Floor: 70D nylon, HH 10000mm 
  • Guylines: Dyneema 10 pcs
  • Pegs/ stakes: 18 aluminium Y-peg (144 g, 8 g each)
  • Pole: Three 9 mm high quality aluminium, 7000 series. (600 g),
  • Bag: 70D ripstop silnylon (70 g)
  • Weight min: 2,3 kg 
  • Weight max: 2,6 kg 
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Length: 260 cm
  • Width: 200 cm
  • Pack size: 40x19 cm (length x diameter)




We offer an optional footprint for Vern 1. Using a footprint can extend the lifespan of the floor and shield it from potential damage, though it isn't essential for the tent's functionality. The thick and solid 70 D floor on the inner tent is both waterproof and puncture-proof. While the tent functions effectively without a footprint, some individuals prefer using one to keep mud away or to cover the vestibule floor. Footprints may play a role in preventing moisture from the ground from condensing on the inner surface of the outer tent. Our available footprints cover the entire underside of the tent, including the vestibules

NORTENT aluminum pegs are made of an aluminum alloy that promotes the proper properties of tent pegs. A tent peg should be strong, endure a lot of stress, but at the same time be somewhat flexible so that it bends instead of breaking straight by too much stress. Our stakes are therefore made of an aluminum alloy in the 7000 series. This is perhaps the market's strongest aluminum alloy, where our alloy has a degree of 7001 aluminum.. This is a degree of aluminum that promotes what we believe are important properties of a tent peg. Strong, but at the same time somewhat flexible. Our featherlite pegs are our lightest and snallest pegs at 8 g, where our stonghold pegs are biggest and heaviest at 24 g.

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